Trash and Treasure Resale Shop

 Located at 311 E. Main in Alice, Trash and Treasure (T&T) is a resale shop that supplies 30% of the funds that drive the Alice Food Pantry. We will also give emergency clothing assistance provided the client has a letter from a church, Salvation Army, a school counselor, or the Red Cross. Assistance is offered at 6 month intervals.

T&T is run by volunteers who gladly donate their time to serve others. Daily crews include sorters, pricers, cash register attendants and window dressers. If you would be willing to assist us, please contact our manager, Elaine Broesche, at 664-7724.


 DONATIONS: T&T accepts the following: clothing, shoes, books, records, CDs, DVDs, VCR tapes, furniture, appliances, electronic equipment, kitchen items, garage items, book—just about anything that doesn’t need to be fed or cleaned up after. However, please remember that it must be in good enough condition to allow resale. Please do not leave donations at the back door unattended, as they tend to “walk off.”